Alaska ISO Metadata Web Portal


The Alaska Metadata Training Tool was created by Dewberry with support from the State of Alaska and the funding from USGS(United States Geological Survey). The purpose of the site is to encourage geospatial data users to adopt ISO metadata standards on current datasets and newly created ones. The site is not meant to encompass all knowledge of geospatial metadata, but to focus on the transition to ISO as stated by the FGDC. For more information, please visit FGDC to learn more about geospatial metadata. The site provides a tutorial sufficient enough to create ISO metadata along with a tutorial for converting existing datasets. A brief summary of ISO metadata along with a list of benefits is also included. For additional topics on Metadata, please refer to NOAA's Metadata Training Syllabus.

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What is ISO Metadata?

Importance of Metadata

Benefits of using ISO Metadata

ISO Metadata Tutorial

Converting to ISO Metadata

The ISO metadata transition effort will benefit the State of Alaska and associated agencies by providing users of our information with a way to assess the quality and availability of our geospatial data. This will allow both outside users and State staff in multiple departments and agencies to search for and determine the appropriateness of the data for their needs. Metadata also documents historical information for each data set and also protects the investment responsible organizations have made in their data creation and maintenance workflows. Some see it as the mark of maturity of an organization’s GIS and data management effort.