Alaska Geospatial Council (AGC)


The Alaska Geospatial Council and its management structure encourage active stakeholder participation in the formation of policies, standards and procedures. Active stakeholder participation greatly enhances the likelihood of success and sustainability of Alaska's geospatial data infrastructure, management and operations. In accordance with the recommendations contained in the Alaska Geospatial Strategic Plan the Alaska Geospatial Council sanctions Technical Working Groups (TWGs) on a case by case basis.


TWGs are comprised of subject matter experts engaged by the council to conduct due diligence on specific geospatial matters while vetting all responsible alternatives before coming to consensus, reporting findings and making recommendations to the council. The cross pollination of TWGs ensures enhanced communication, cooperation and interoperability across a broad spectrum of disciplines. The purpose of the TWG is to afford transparency, stakeholder inclusion and identify standards and/or best practices benefiting the majority of stakeholders.


  1. Deconflict barriers to interoperability across business lines, data layers and data sharing practices to maximize utility and minimize taxpayer expense.
  2. Investigate, identify and promote data standards to support broad based data integration and accurate statewide conflation.
  3. Develop responsible stakeholder driven requirements for future data acquisitions and make recommendations.
  4. Research and identify best practices to modernize out dated data layers requiring renovation.
  5. Develop and promote technical solutions for priority issues.
  6. Research, identify and recommend "other" best practices as required.