Alaska Geospatial Council (AGC)


Transportation TWG

This working group facilitates the sharing of primary and secondary road data across all jurisdictions in such a way that when conflated; these transportation networks align properly into a statewide transportation network. This endeavor results in a valuable statewide dataset but will require substantial effort on the part of State, Federal and Local authorities. This TWG will address education and outreach efforts to gain the cooperation of local entities.

Federal highway reporting criteria is advancing beyond traditional transportation reporting standards to GIS based principles forcing changes in how DOT/PF maintains roads data, executes reporting requirements and affects federal highway funding to the State of Alaska. This has caused the DOT/PF to conform to new data maintenance and data exchange policies. Similar changes are occurring in aviation related resources. In short, Alaska is behind.

Additionally, existing and proposed road access must align accurately with hydro features for thoughtful value added road and airport maintenance, planning and development activity affecting the longevity and costs of the overall system(s).

This TWG is in large part already stood up within DOT/PF but only as of recent has been engaged with the larger stakeholder community. This TWG requires a formalized platform of broad collaboration.